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UDVDR-RH is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which is independent from governments, non-political and non-sectarian. It does not discriminate on the basis of racial, ethnic, religious, gender or national identities, nor does it allow its members to do so. Our mission is to vigorously support our veterans of the homeland war in Croatia that reside in Australia and to promote truth and honour within the broader community towards the homeland war and its veterans.  

As a member of the WORLD VETERANS FEDERATION which is a federation of 170 veteran organizations from 89 countries representing some 25 to 30 million veterans worldwide, we support and promote the same creed and core values of the federation as our own.

In a world wrought with violence and oppression it is astonishing to realise how positively our veterans can contribute to our community when given the chance. This realisation often comes when one reflects on the great words of Mr. R. Bunche; 

“None can speak more eloquently for peace than those who have fought in war. The voices of war veterans are a reflection of the longing for peace of people the world over, who within a generation have twice suffered the unspeakable catastrophe of world war. Humanity has earned the right to peace. Without it, there can be no hope for the future.

And without hope, man is lost.

The voice of the people must be heeded they aspire to a richer life in freedom, equality and dignity, as in things material; they pray for peace. Their will for peace and a better life can be, must be, crystallized into an irresistible force against war, aggression and degradation. The people have had to work and sacrifice for wars. They will work more willingly for peace.

Let there be a dedicated effort, a greater crusade than history has ever known, for a world of peace, freedom and equality.”

Ralph Bunche 
Nobel Peace Prize, 1950